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TARANGiNi Natyasala
Tarangini Patasala
Tarangini Patasala

TARANGiNi Deepavali Celebrations


తరంగిణి దీపావళి వేడుకలకు స్వాగతం! సిన్సినాటి తెలుగు వారు ఎంతగానో ఎదురుచూసే తరంగిణి దీపావళి వేడుకలు కన్నులపండుగగా జరుగనున్నాయి

TARANGiNi is excited to announce our most awaited Deepavali event and cordially invites all of you for an evening of Enchanting Cultural programs and Authentic Indian food

We are excited to also present a Sensational Musical Night by

Yazin Nizar an award winning Indian playbak singer with over 200 film songs and many live performances in India and abroad. 
Aditi Bhavaraju a partcipant in Paadutha Theeyaga USA Teen Series 2015 and many local & National (USA) level music competitions
Check this video for a personal invitation from Aditi

For purchasing tickets to the event and to sign-up for annual membership, please contact one of the committee below.
Mason Padma Devineni (513-227-8217)

Pallavi Sher (513-226-0527)

Raghu Chinnawar (314-422-4645)

Sai Nakka (919-802-2291)

Nagaraju Podili(513-316-9644)

 Blue Ash  Suneel Jinnala (817-408-6554)
 West Chester  Malli Nune (513-227-9335)
 Natyasala  Rama Ghanakota (513-348-7549)
 Patasala  Vijay Bharath Sadineni (513-708-1556)
Bollywood Workout
At Mason Community Center

Natyasala Bollywood Workout Classes
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