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TARANGiNi Deepavali on November 15th 2014.

తరంగిణి దీపావళి వేడుకలకు స్వాగతం! సిన్సినాటి తెలుగు వారు ఎంతగానో ఎదురుచూసే తరంగిణి దీపావళి వేడుకలు నవంబర్ 15, 2014 న Sycamore High School నందు కన్నులపండుగగా జరుగనున్నాయి. కార్యక్రమ నమోదుకై సంప్రదించండి  #Registration Link#

We are excited to announce our most awaited Deepavali event. TARANGiNi cordially invites you all to grace the event to enjoy an evening of Enchanting cultural programs & Ethnic Indian food.

Date:November 15th, 2014
Time:2:00 PM to 7:30 PM followed by Dinner
Location: Sycamore High School, 7400 Cornell Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

 Register your program* now @#Registration Link#
**Registration ends on October 4th, 2014.**.

*Note: Titles for the programs should be only in Telugu. We have come up with this slight change to make the event names more appealing and fun for all. So, please give your program an appealing and clean Telugu Title while registering. Thanks for the co-operation.*

Fundraising Campaign for HudHud Cyclone Victims – Cincinnati

Tarangini - “Chiru Velugu” - Fundraising Campaign for HudHud Cyclone Victims – Cincinnati, OH, USA

Donate now @# Donation Link#

హుడ్ హుడ్ తుఫాను సృష్టించిన విలయంతో కోస్తా ప్రాంతం అంధకారంలో చిక్కుకుంది. అమావాస్య చీకట్లను పారద్రోలటానికి దీపాలు వెలిగించి ఆ వెలుగులో దీపావళి పండుగ జరుపుకోవటానికి ముందుగా… ప్రళయం మిగిల్చిన ఈ దుర్భర చీకట్లలో విరాళాల రూపంలో మనందరి సాయంతో చిరు వెలుగులు నింపటానికై తరంగిణి చేస్తున్న చిన్ని ప్రయత్నం- చిరు వెలుగు.
రండి! సాయం అందించండి! చిరు వెలుగులు నింపుదాము… తుఫాను మిగిల్చిన చీకటిలో…!
తరంగిణి యొక్క ఈ ఉదాత్తమైన చిరు వెలుగు ఆశయానికి బాసటగా మీ వంతు సాయం అందించండి. 

Donate now @#Donation Link#

Tarangini will provide Tax Deductible receipt for your donation

A severe cyclone – HudHud has massively hit the Coastal Areas back home and devastated so many lives. The cyclone, accompanied by gusty winds with a speed of about 180 kmph and heavy rains, left a trail of destruction behind in the affected areas. Uprooted trees and electric poles have become a common sight in the cyclone-hit districts. Over 25 people have been killed in various rain-related incidents and thousands displaced from their homes. TARANGiNi is anguished by this calamity and would like to light a little lamp of hope in the lives of the victims.
Join us in our Fund Raising Campaign – Chiru Velugu. Donate and start lighting little lamps even before Deepavali – The Festival of Lights. The devastation caused by this deadly cyclone is of enormous proportions and all the victims are waiting for a small ray of hope. 
Let’s donate and spread the word for this great cause. Please visit this link to pledge your support for this noble cause. Every dollar you give is going to make a huge difference.
TARANGiNi is going to funnel the funds to couple of charities: 
1. One of our past community member’s (Srikant Sunkara) who lived in Cincinnati for over 15 years and is currently in India is working in the field to help the needy.  His relief activities are published in the facebook page titled “Let us all help make City of Vizag Green”. His activities are very transparent and he will give us full accountability of all the funds that are sent to him. 
2. The other charity name/fund goes here.
Please make your checks payable to TARANGiNi and mention “Hudhud relief – Srikant” or “XYZ” in the memo section. You can give the check or cash to any TARANGiNi committee member or mail it to the below address. 
Prasad Koneru, 8640 Charleston Ridge Dr, Mason, OH 45040 

Tarangini will provide Tax Deductible receipt for your donation

“As one person I cannot change the world,
But I can change the world of one person.”

Tarangini Cricket Tournament for Members.

TARANGiNi Cricket Tournament For MEMBERS

Date & Time : Sunday, October 5th, 2014, 8:00 AM
Location : Heritage Oak Park, Mason, OH

We are continuing with last year’s format for the tournament where the member registers as a player instead of registering with a team. Last year all the participants agreed that it was lot of fun with the new format.

 Register now @#Registration Link#