TARANGiNi Natyasala
Tarangini Patasala
Tarangini Patasala


The Telugu community of Greater Cincinnati, has over the years, through its non-profit organization, TARANGiNi, continued to promote various Cultural, Social, Educational, Sports and Charitable activities.
With the success of Tarangini’s activities and the resultant growth in membership, the community has also expressed greater expectations from TARANGiNi. There is a clearly identified need by several Telugu families to impart linguistic, cultural and social education to their children.
In response to these requests, and as the de facto responsible organization for Telugu community needs, TARANGiNi announces the formation of TARANGiNi Enrichment Academy.
This Academy will be having the following programs:
  • Telugu Patasala
  • Natyasala
  • Vignana Vedika

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