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Tarangini Patasala


As a non-profit organization, Tarangini’s main source of revenue is membership dues and donations. Tarangini thank all the members for their support and financial contributions.

Tarangini is run by volunteers and none of them are paid. 100% of your financial contribution is spent on various community events. Your donations are tax-deductable upto the maximum extent permitted by law (please contact your tax advisor for your eligibility). If you are considering a donation, please contact info@tarangini.org. Thanks in advance for your support.

If you are not a paid-member, please consider becoming a paid-member. The annual membership dues are $25. For becoming a paid member, please click on the side bar. For membershp benefits, please visit Member Benefits page.


Bollywood Workout
At Mason Community Center

Natyasala Bollywood Workout Classes
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