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తరంగిణి తెలుగు పాఠశాల                     సంస్కృతి…సంప్రదాయం…సంస్కారం

TARANGiNI Telugu Patasala, a subsidiary of TARANGiNi, proudly announces the successful completion of its Fourth year in collaboration with International Telugu Badi.

International Telugu Badi has been running Telugu schools in several cities for the past 15 years. Partnering with them enabled TARANGiNi to access the best teaching methodology, proven curriculum and a dedicated staff of educators.

TARANGiNI is proud to announce that 90% of the students from the first and second year have scored more than 80% in the Final test.

It is with great excitement that we open the registrations for Tarangini Telugu Patasala for the year 2016-17. The Nominal Fee for each Semester is $100 only and for the sibling it is $75.

Some of the highlights of this program are

  • Structured teaching under the guidance of International Telugu Badi
  • Teaching by Parent Volunteers using Conventional Method.
  • Small class size of 5 to 6 students with 2 teachers in each class
  • Open to all children over 4 years.
  • Ability to learn Telugu at their own pace
  • Assessment at the end of each semester
  • Two Semesters per year with 15-17 Classes each.
  • Yearly admission and none in between so as not to disturb the class


We are excited to Announce our New TARANGiNi Patasala Website , a great way of providing you with Patasala Curriculum, registration details, upcoming events, Staff info, Patasala Calendar and much more.

Please register by ASAP using the patasala link TARANGiNi Patasala Registration.

You can also use register Tab on Patasala Website

Click Below for TARANGiNi Patasala.


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