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Membership Benefits


Annual Membership Benefits

  • Annual Membership is $30 per family and $20/adult and is valid till Ugadi 2018
  • Members pay less for TARANGiNi events and gets to participate for free in all events without a participation fee.
  • Only members will be allowed to participate in the events like Summer Picnic, Summer games (Tennis and Cricket tournamets) & Winter games (Carroms, Chess, Quiz etc) 
  • The funds from the annual membership go a long way in helping TARANGiNi achieve it’s goal of hosting and organizing many of its annual events like Ugadi, Summer Picnic, Summer games (Tennis and Cricket tournamets), Batukamma festival, Deepavali, Winter games (Carroms, Chess, Quiz etc)​​​​
Upcoming Events
  1. Volleyball Tournament

    September 29
  2. Bathukamma

    October 20
  3. Tarangini Diwali Event

    November 18 @ 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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